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Film Review – The Amity Affliction: Seems Like Forever

The Amity Affliction: Seems Like Forever

Music documentaries usually fall into two categories: warts’n’all day-in-the-life of an horrific tour/album recording or a series of talking heads recapping the entire history of a band’s existence. When done well, both can be exceptionally engaging. Seems Likes Forever works as a prime example of the latter approach, as band members past and present and long-term hangers-on relive the trials and triumphs of The Amity Affliction’s 12-year career on camera, peppered with live footage, candid studio moments, general goofing around and some choice high school photos.

There’s genuinely enough drama in their journey from teenage Queensland punks to epic stadium warriors to warrant an hour on the couch and you’re never too far away from a thundering breakdown on the soundtrack anyways. We highly recommend watching this with the  surround sound on 11, like we did.

Sure, it’s an eye-opening tale for those only casually acquainted with the band – near death experiences, their own record label recommending they boot screamer Joel Birch out of the band – but this film really hits its mark as a love letter to the fans that have championed their rise, a one-stop destination for all the highlights, lowlights and, of course, kick-arse music videos. Plus, the footage from their latest Australian tour for Let The Ocean Take Me is as epic as it gets with hordes of dedicated Amity fans braving pouring rain and volatile moshpits to scream every word of the latest anthems.

Well-paced and beautifully shot, the film strikes an even balance between both sides of their collective persona: the fun-lovin’ travelling mosh show and a band that’s willing to discuss the darker side of youth mental health issues that others avoid.

With plenty of laughs, wild live footage and a handful of potentially teary moments, Seems Like Forever serves as a fitting tribute to one of Australia’s finest heavy music exports and the dedicated fanbase that have kept them on the road.


Seems Like Forever is out now through Roadrunner/Warner.




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