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A Live Action Pokémon Movie (And Possible Franchise) Is Happening


With how incredibly hyped Pokémon Go has been over the past couple of weeks (this article is an hour late because we got too carried away hunting Pidgeys in the office), it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a new series of Pokémon movies is in the works. Hell, as it turns out, Pokémon Go has been so successful that a Comic Con panel dedicated to the game was bumped up from a smaller venue to the Hall H “mainstage”.

As such, the international film rights to the Japanese super-franchise blew up in a bidding war unlike any other – and it just so happens that Universal Pictures offshoot Legendary has picked them up (caught ’em all). So what will the Pokémon movie be about? While most of us (see: all of us) would lose our shit over a live-action run with Ash and co., Legendary are opting to hone in on a storyline adapting the Detective Pikachu game that launched in Japan earlier this year.

The game’s plot is fairly simple – a talking, deerstalker hat-donning Pikachu (yep) teams up with a boy named Tim to find his missing father. No word yet on whether the film will follow that same path, but we’ll have a while to speculate – production will begin sometime in 2017, with no release date set in stone. It’s said to be the first in a new franchise of live-action Pokémon movies, which… Just… Yes. Just fuck us up already, Nintendo.

For those new to the Pokéhype, Detective Pikachu won’t be the first movie based on the iconic videogame: there have been 19 theatrical Pokémon films released in Japan, with the last – Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna – released just a couple of weeks back. These aren’t released in Australian cinemas, so… Look, we’re not saying you should torrent them, but… Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

Hype up for the new Pokémon movie with the OG one’s trailer below!

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