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17 Years On, Darth Maul Returns From The Dead And He’s Well Pissed Off

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There are people out there who unapologetically defend the 1999 visual and emotional travesty that was Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. If you were to ever take the time to hear them out – we don’t recommend it – their main defense will be: “… but Darth Maul is a really bad-arse character and his fight scenes are soooooo kewl.”

The reality is there are no true fans of Episode 1, just fans of Darth Maul and now, thanks to a super Star Wars nerd called Shawn Bu, you can throw all copies of the aforementioned film in the bin, permanently. Mr Bu of T740 productions has crafted a prequel to well, the prequel (yes, it hurt to write that), called Darth Maul: Apprentice that shows everyone’s favourite Sith Lord beating the pulp out of a bunch of cocky jedis in a lush forest on some unknown planet. The film is essentially a non-stop lightsaber duel but it’s paced well, beautifully shot and jam-packed with a ton of fancy footwork.

So far the two years the team put into making this 15-minute film has payed off – it’s picked up a mean 4 million-plus views on YouTube in just five days, proving Mr Maul could be remembered for more than just looking like a skinny version of the guitarist from Mudvayne. You can check out the full film as well as the Making Of. We’re off to remake Jaws in our mate Dave’s pool. Long live the fan film!

Watch the full Darth Maul: Apprentice video below.


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