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What Are The Sneaky Bastards At UNFD Teasing?


So we’ve come out the other side of our self-inflicted food comas only to find that the legends at UNFD have gone and channelled the giving spirit of the Easter bunny himself. Admittedly you won’t be able to hit up 24 Hundred to grab members of The Amity Affliction in chocolate form, but you can hear a brand new song from the label’s latest and as yet unnamed signing.

Fresh from adding Brisbane pop-punk trio Columbus to their artist roster last month, the Aussie powerhouse label pulled a sneaky one yesterday and released a new single with little more than an #UNFDEasterEgg hashtag and a brief message to their subscribers:

We hope you’re all enjoying a well deserved holiday break this weekend!

Late last year we signed a brand new band in secret and have been working closely on how best we could show you guys, our fans, before any official announcement.

With you all at home relaxing, we wanted to treat you guys with a little Easter Egg and a single from our new signing. Enjoy!

Needless to say, it’s a classic tease from the label who have long been known for their cryptic and tech-savvy marketing techniques (In Hearts Wake’s Skyhoppers game led to genuine hours of frustration). Can anyone hazard a guess as to who the new UNFD act is?

Hear the first single from UNFD’s new signing below.

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