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Violent Soho Hit Us With A New Tune; Drop Album #4 Details

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Can we get a HELL FUCK YEAH!?

Mansfield stoner punks Violent Soho have finally – FINALLY! – wrapped up production on their fourth studio album, and after eight months of bashing away at mixing desks and downright abusing their guitars, the quartet are ready to unleash WACO unto the world. Until they were kicked out of the space for not having enough dosh to pay the rent, Violent Soho recorded the new LP at The Shed studios in Brisbane, with producer Bryce Moorhead tying it all together.

Violent Soho were our first digital Monthly Feature last October. Click here to check it out!

WACO is due to hit shelves on March 18 via I Oh You. The record is named after a small city in Texas; the site of the Koresh-led Branch-Davidian siege/massacre/shootout with the FBI in 1993. We’re not sure if the disc is supposed to be a concept album about the siege, but we wouldn’t put it against the shred unit to make that a killer release.

As vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Luke Boerdam enthuses, WACO is the older sister to 2013’s critically acclaimed Hungry Ghost. “Hungry Ghost dealt with the spiritual skeleton we’ve become from this spoon-fed reality. WACO is more about control and illusion: what the skeleton is being fed,” he said in a press release.

We also tagged along to the Like Soda tour and got some ~sickkkkk~ shots. Suss them too, yo!

But as if that wasn’t enough to hype up your hump day, Violent Soho have also dropped a new tune by the name of “Viceroy”, and after giving it a solid 10+ spins (y’know, for research), BLUNT can confirm that it is, indeed, a certified banger. The track follows “Like Soda” as the second single to come from WACO, and if its predecessor was any indication, you’ll be hearing “Viceroy” on the radio for a long time to come.

Wrap your ears around some new Violent Soho with “Viceroy” below!

WACO is out March 18th via I Oh You.
Pre-order: Webstore | JB HiFi


1. How To Taste
2. Blanket
3. Viceroy
4. So Sentimental
5. Like Soda
6. No Shade
7. Slow Wave
8. Evergreen
9. Holy Cave
10. WACO
11. Low

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