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Track Premiere: The Controllers – “You Think You’re Incredible”

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It’s been 17 years since Activision changed the shape of punk forever with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but Melbourne quartet The Controllers are keeping the scuzzy, upbeat dream alive. Ahead of its official September 16th release, they’ve thrown us a sneaky spin of their new single, “You Think You’re Incredible” – it’s loud, lively, and takes us straight back to the good ol’ days, where the only thing that mattered was collecting S-K-A-T-E before the timer ran out.

“‘You Think You’re Incredible’ was written in about twenty minutes, but I didn’t rush it,” says frontman Zac Connelly. “The words, melody and music just came to me so quickly. Possibly because the story behind the words really pissed me off and gave me that extra motivation.”

The banger was penned by the vocalist when he was travelling through India and butted heads with a drunken Aussie who believed he knew the cure to HIV: “When travelling overseas, loud and obnoxious Australians are embarrassing enough as is, but this guy was on a whole new level,” he says.

“He was telling his Indian friend that chlorine was the cure to HIV, and that the Indian man should make his HIV positive daughter drink chlorine. This false and dangerous information that he was feeding to his uninformed ‘friend’ sparked an angry conversation between myself and the other Aussie, and triggered an even more aggressive song.”

The Controllers are set to drop their debut album, 10 Tips To Becoming Financially Unsuccessful, before the year’s end. More details should emerge soon, but in the meantime, give “You Think You’re Incredible” a suss. The single will be launched with a one-off jaunt at Melbourne’s Old Bar on September 24th.

Wrap your ears around “You Think You’re Incredible” below!

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