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Track Premiere + EP Announcement: Osaka Punch – “Make The Call”

Osaka Punch

Brutal pop belters Osaka Punch are back with another banger – and this time, they’ve got a whole EP to whore out! But alas, it might not be the Brisbane foursome themselves that we should be drawing our attention to.

You see, it turns out The Avengers actually aren’t all that special. Same goes for the so-called Justice League, and c’mon, as if the X-Men are even worth such a great letter. Don’t get us started on the Suicide Squad, either… Though… Uh… Any film critic worth their might will fill you in on that one, anyway. No, the real heroes this planet deserves are the Death Monster Super Squad, and you’ll meet them first on September 16th when Osaka Punch drop their new titular EP.

The seven-track outing has been described as “an unholy union of beasts who come together in times of need, when the world needs a different sort of hero/song to rescue them from the doldrums of the everyday,” and judging from lead single “Make The Call” (which ya crew got the ‘sclusive on!), that’s a pretty damn apt description!

Perfectly timed at 4:20, the new tune shines with spacey synths, proggy guitars and vocals that crawl under your skin in only the best of ways. It’s represented by the Super Squad’s first member – Harry ‘Make The Call’ Manhattan. His bio is as follows:

“A master manipulator, and leader of the Death Monster Super Squad. A sociopath by nature and a criminal since birth; as an infant he convinced his own mother that she was a pear, and the only cure was to listen to George Michael’s Greatest Hits on repeat. This led to her untimely death, and only 2 months later his father was admitted to Sir Joey-Ross Chandler’s Hospital for the Psychiatrically Less-Endowed, where he would spend the rest of his life throwing his own poo at doctors.

By the time he was a teenager, ‘Make the Call’ was in Alaska selling ice to Eskimos. This led to an extreme methamphetamine problem in the Arctic Circle, and after an 8 year manhunt, he was eventually arrested and expedited to his home-town of Dubbo, NSW. After spending precisely 13 seconds in prison, he managed to escape, and has been wanted by authorities ever since.

A highly revered and feared mobster in the criminal underworld, it is said that if you hear the faint whistle of ‘Careless Whisper’ on the wind, Harry ‘Make the Call’ Manhattan is near, and your time is up.”

The rest of the members will be revealed in due time, but for now, let’s hype the fuck up for this EP: Death Monster Super Squad was recorded during an extended UK touring stint in 2015, with tracks laid down at the Grammy Award winning Parr St Studios with Andrea Wright (Elbow, Anathema, Coldplay).

Suss out a stream of “Make The Call” below!

Death Monster Super Squad drops September 16th via Birds Robe / MGM
Pre-order details TBA, but keep an eye out on the band’s social media!


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