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Totally Unicorn’s Ultimate Jukebox Playlist


Oh shit, Totally Unicorn are heading on tour!

With local punk ‘n’ rollers Pagan by their side, the Gong-native, grog-loving hardcore crew are bringing their life-changing (in all the best and worst ways) brand of scathing punk and even more scathing nudity to Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Bunbury, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane and Byron Bay throughout this month and next. And if you think that was a mouthful, wait until you hear their debut album, Dream Life!

The quintet are, given their love for the pub crawl and the fact that their shows shine in all settings small and sweaty, playing a heap of club shows. So, when Totally Unicorn walk offstage and you walk into the foyer for another round of brews, what tunes should you pump on the jukebox? Thanks to the legends themselves, that question finally has an answer…

1. Pantera – “Goddamn Electric”

“If there was a band that loved alcohol and being massive party pigs, it’s these guys. Hard to pick one song, but there is a line in this one – “Your trust is in whiskey, weed and Slayer” – that makes it hard to go past. Defiantly a good one for the pub jukebox.”

2. Black Flag – “Wasted”

“This could be the Totally Unicorn anthem… I think it speaks for itself.”

3. Hall And Oates – “Out Of Touch”

“The ultimate ‘dance like a dickhead; song! A good friend of ours puts this song on every time we are at our local and performs his own choreographed dance to it called “Two Kisses”. It’s hilarious. It’s like a mixture of the pelvic thrust and the thriller. The film clip is amazing too. Check out that massive drum kit!”

4. Australian Crawl – “Boys Light Up”

“Another pub jukebox banger that always gets a run is this one. It’s about as Australian as beer and the chin melodies are second to none. The forecast for this one is Reyne with a chance of James.”

5. Iggy Pop – “Lust For Life”

“I’m sure a lot people have wasted some coins to play this one on the jukebox. A good one to sing the wrong words to and dance like an idiot. Hopefully the night doesn’t end up like a trainspotting scene, though…”

6. Converge – “Last Light”

“Do we need an excuse to listen to Converge? Also, putting them on would freak out all the elderly patrons at the bar, which would be something to see.”

7. Mr Vain – “Culture Beat”

“This song takes me back to my happy place when life was about happy pants, gogo balls and agros cartoon connection. A ripper song to tear the dance floor up to.”

8. John Williamson – “Raining On The Rock”

“Mike would not be happy if some good old Johnny wasn’t thrown on while he’s spilling wine down his front. By the time this one comes on, the night would be rounding up and the bouncer is just about to kick you out for being unable to walk properly.”

Dream Life is out now via Farmer & The Owl / Inertia
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | Webstore | iTunes


Totally Unicorn / Pagan
Tour Dates

Sunday September 11th – Weekender Fest @ Reverence Hotel, Melbourne*
Tix via Facebook event

Thursday September 15th – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide*
Tix via Facebook event

Friday September 16th – Babushka, Perth*
Tix via Facebook event

Saturday September 17th – Prince of Wales, Bunbury*
Tix via Facebook event

Friday September 23rd – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Tix via Facebook event

Saturday September 24th – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Tix via Facebook event

Thursday September 29th – Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Tix via Facebook event

Sunday October 2nd – Yours & Owls, Wollongong
Tix via Facebook event

Friday October 7th – Foundry, Brisbane
Tix via Facebook event

Saturday October 8th – The Northern, Byron Bay
Tix via Facebook event

* – Pagan not appearing.

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