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The Word Alive Smash It Out Of The Park With New Single “Sellout”

the word alive 1

Feeling kind of angsty? A little bit hostile towards international political systems? Maybe just cynical about the whole of humanity? The Word Alive have completely got your mood covered with their fresh music video for “Sellout”.

The track is taken from the Arizonian metalcore outfit’s upcoming full-length, Dark Matter. The forthcoming LP will drop on March 18 via every metalcore band’s dream label, Fearless Records. In case you’re seeking a science lesson, “dark matter” is a hypothetical substance believed to make up five-sixths of the universe’s matter. We’re not quite sure if that’s what The Word Alive are going for with this one, but that would be pretty cool, right?

Dark Matter marks the outfit’s fourth studio album and has been described by them with conviction as “THE album for our band”. After hearing this track, we’re more than tempted to believe them. Frontman Telle Smith also noted that the group considers it their “most dynamic and expansive album to date”, “taking the listener to the darkest and most honest places our band has dared to venture”. Intense.

It was produced by reigning king of the emos/From First To Last member Matt Good. You can listen to the first single from the record, “Trapped”, here.

Check out the politically charged video for “Sellout” below.


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