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Sum 41 Go Deep With New Single, “War”


Pop-punk powerhouse Sum 41 have been through hell and back over their 20-year span. Notably, frontman Deryck Whibley wound up in the midst of a four-month hospital stay after, as the latter half of the band’s tenure unfolded, his habits as an alcoholic spun out of his control. With a new lease on life, however, Whibley is embracing his power as a changed person, and “War” – the new single from Sum 41’s comeback album, 13 Voices – is a shining reflection of that.

“I feel that this song literally saved my life,” says Whibley. I was at my absolute lowest point of what seemed like a never-ending recovery. When I was at a tipping point of falling back into drinking or staying the course of recovery, I grabbed a pencil and paper instead of a bottle and started writing. Whenever I had any thoughts of giving up, I would read these lyrics to myself over and over again. They helped remind me of what it was that I was fighting for, and that I needed to keep fighting harder. Giving up was not an option.”

13 Voices will hit shelves on October 7th via Hopeless Records and UNFD. “War” marks its second single, following “Fake My Own Death”.

Watch the video for “War” below!

13 Voices is out October 7th via Hopeless Records / UNFD
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | iTunes


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