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Stop The Presses: letlive.’s New Album Will Be Out In June


Honestly, we don’t even need to write anything here. You’ve already scrolled to the bottom, you’re blasting “Good Mourning, America” through the loudest stereo system you own, and you just shelled out the last of this week’s paycheque on that If I’m The Devil… $100 pre-order bundle. Don’t worry, we did the same – letlive. have officially announced their fourth studio album and dropped one of their biggest tunes in years. All is right with the world… Or… Is it?

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If I’m The Devil… – the follow-up to 2013’s The Blackest Beautiful – will be out June 10th via Epitaph; it’s an 11-track opus borne of domestic terrorism, fatal racism and the general clusterfuck that is Earth in the 21st century. “Our music is very left-leaning. It’s very clear I have a large disdain for the way a lot of systems are working and our society’s incapability to unravel,” says frontman Jason Aalon Butler.

“We collectively wanted the audio realm we have spent years creating to give birth to a digestible powerhouse of modern sound,” adds guitarist Jeff Sahyoun on the album’s musical direction.

In an interview with Noisey, Butler explained why “Good Mourning, America” is the perfect first single: “We’ve been playing it live for a couple of months now, so since we’ve been playing it, we have this connection with it, and we feel that introducing it to people and having them react to it the way that they do live – we think that in a recorded setting, it may be just as compelling. So that, and its sonic value. It makes you groove and bop your head, and that’s how we want to reintroduce letlive.”

Watch the video for letlive.’s new single “Good Mourning, America” below.

If I’m The Devil… is out June 10th via Epitaph
Grab a copy: JB-HiFiWebstore | iTunes


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