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Sonny Moore (Skrillex) Spotted Laying Down Some Screamy Roars With From First To Last

From First To Last skrillex

Back in August, we dropped the news that former From First To Last frontman Sonny Moore – now most prevalent as brostep-turned-pop producer Skrillex – had probably (definitely) reunited with the band for an untitled one-off jam that has since found itself wiped from the internet. Now, it seems Moore is back in the studio and laying down some more cheeky tunes with the band you’d think he’d be taking all precautions to pretend never happened.

The rumour re-ignition comes courtesy of Reddit user CakeSoul, who posted a short clip of Moore tearing his vocal chords in a studio booth. And, judging from the vibe of the snippet, we can pretty much rule out another Jack Ü jam as the catalyst for his screamy sesh.

From First To Last released their last album, Dead Trees, in 2015 – guitarist Matt Good told fans that new music was in the works in May and has previously stated that Moore was interested in collaborating with the band in some form. Though it seems unlikely we’ll hear what the guys have been working on this year, it’s interesting to note that 2016 marks the ten-year anniversary of Moore’s last album with the band, Heroine.

The band hired Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotello for Dead Trees, however he left the fold earlier this year. If there’s ever been a great time for Skrilly to make his scene comeback… It’s now!

Watch the leaked video of Sonny in the studio below!

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