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Sonny Moore (Skrillex) May Have Reunited With From First To Last

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It’s hard to imagine that the guy behind “Bangarang” and Justin Bieber‘s return to the spotlight was once the unofficial king of the screamo circuit… But then again, the noughties were a wild fucking time. Sonny Moore – who you might better recognise now as Skrillex – was nowhere to be seen when From First To Last reunited in 2013 (instead, they recruited Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotello), but, in some capacity at least, order has been returned to the force and Moore is once again using his pipes for good.

Having originally left the band back in ’07, the new cut – untitled as of yet, but dubbed “Bonus Track” – is Moore’s first time behind the mic with From First To Last in almost a decade. The tune was debuted by Moore himself at the end of his Beats 1 radio show last weekend; considering the rest of the show nods to pop and electro, we can’t see there having been too much of an overlap with fans – but to whoever did catch this, we salute you.

The track is notably similar to Moore’s early songs with the band, however containing wholly new lyrics – that mention Snapchat, no less – we’re gonna go ahead and say this isn’t just an old demo given a new shot at life. Whether or not this means Moore has replaced Sotello is up in the air, but given his current success as Skrillex and with Jack Ü, we aren’t getting our hopes up.

From First To Last released their last album, Dead Trees, in 2015 – guitarist Matt Good told fans that new music was in the works in May of this year, and has previously stated that Moore was interested in collaborating with the band in some form. Interesting to note as well is that 2016 also marks the 10-year anniversary of Moore’s last album with the band, Heroine. Let the speculation begin!

Take a peek at the new FFTL song ft. Sonny Moore below!

  • Timmy Bartel

    Dear Diary is an album I absolutely loved as a teenager, and still enjoy now, but Sotello is such a better vocalist, it’d be a shame to see him booted in favour of a returning Sonny – who based on this track, doesn’t have the same pipes he had back then – so I’m glad the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

    • Matt Doria

      From a personal standpoint, I think Sonny fits this style better than Spencer does (though Spencer is elsewhere an ~incredible~ vocalist) but yeah, there’s little chance that this is a permanent thing. I pointed to it in the article: Skrillex is making too much money being Skrillex to justify returning to FFTL full-time, anyway.

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