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Seminal Post-Hardcore Act Release Single From First Album In 13 Years


You might not have heard of Glassjaw, but we can guarantee a lot of bands you like sure as hell have. Established all the way back in 1993, the New York band’s melodic yet totes brutal sound has inspired many copycats along the way, a fact the band boastfully acknowledged not long ago on a T-shirt that says, “Glassjaw: Providing Bands With Original Ideas Since 1993”.

Member changes, illness and a much discussed dispute with Roadrunner Records have kept them from releasing a proper follow-up to 2002’s Ross Robinson-produced masterpiece, Worship and Tribute. After dribs and drabs of EPs, singles and random collections of the aforementioned, they’re returning with a new album and have just dropped the first crushing single from it – “New White Extremity”. Unlike 2011’s groove-heavy Coloring Book EP, 2015’s Glassjaw sounds very much like that of their very early material: off-kilter and stupid heavy. Crank it up.

Listen to Glassjaw’s new single, “New White Extremity”, below.

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