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Say Anything Have Released A Surprise Full-Length Album

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Honestly though, what could be better than vibing out to a surprise album, from a great band, on a Friday afternoon where the weather actually doesn’t suck for once? That’s right, nothing. Seminal emo garage punks Say Anything get what we mean: the oft misunderstood, but always good sextet have just dropped a stream of their newie, I Don’t Think It Is, without any of the standard (and not to mention, excruciating) three-month ‘hype’ bullshit.

Following up from 2014’s swervy and complex Hebrews, the new LP shows a different – albeit very much welcomed – side to the Max Bemis-led project. It’s raw, gritty and poetic, filled with passion and a true sense of that ‘fuck it, it’s going in the album anyway’ mentality. We’ll have a review up in the coming days, but for now, take it from us when we say that I Don’t Think It Is is fucking brilliant.

Taking to the band’s official website, Bemis went on an enthralling tangent to introduce the record. “These songs were the product of boozy hours spent in the studio creating, playing, sweating, laughing, and doing stuff just for the hell of it, embracing the free‐spirited cliché of musicianship,” he wrote, gushing about his experiences collaborating on the album with producer Darren King (for those disgracefully unaware, King drums in Mutemath, who will be in the country this April/May).

“It ended up being about empowerment balanced by the grubby quirks of the human mind, unmarred by some cliché sense of positivity. Similar to the way you can put on a Jay‐Z song where he’s talking about an oppressed childhood dealing coke and still feel like you can take on the world. Grunge wasn’t really about anything, but inspired the whole world to get angry. So this is my approximation of that notion…a record to yell along to, because we all need that sometimes,” he continues.

Dive into your new Friday arvo jams with opening cut “Give A Damn” below!

I Don’t Think It Is is out now (physically on April 15th) via Equal Vision.
Grab a digital copy: iTunes | Spotify
Physical pre-orders: Webstore


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