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Pendulum Reunite After Four-Year Dummy Spit; Destroy Us With Performance


Four years after Rob Swire (vocals, synth, guitar, keyboards) and Gareth McGrillen (bass) spat the dummy to run off and form Knife Party, seminal drum ‘n’ bass-meets-rock outfit Pendulum have returned, and victoriously at that.

The band initially split in 2012, two years following the release of their acclaimed third LP, Immersion. As the story goes, Swire and McGrillen grew tired of the rock circuit, instead focusing their attention towards house music with Knife Party. Since 2011, the Perth duo have released four EPs and one studio album under the moniker – 2014’s Abandon Ship a standout release, not so much because of its music (it has some gems, but otherwise, meh), but because it seemingly hinted at the pair’s future.

Knife Party kicked off a back-to-back set with Pendulum at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, slamming through their beefiest house tunes while the band’s logo appeared intermittently, a red cross seared through it implying that after their spread of upcoming tour dates, the project would be laid to rest. Rage Against The Machine shredder Tom Morello appeared onstage to perform their “Battle Sirens” collaboration, along with a rejigged mashup of “Bonfire” and Pendulum’s “Tarantula”.

The energy was high, but thirty minutes in, the stage’s lights were cut and Knife Party’s DJ booth was replaced with a full band setup. Pendulum ushered out slowly with Immersion single “The Island”, before skimming through classics like “Propane Nightmares” and “Slam” – all of the choice cuts were there to make their first full-band performance in four years a classic one; not to mention the Deadmau5 cameo for “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” or the curtain call with Knife Party’s symbolic “Begin Again”.

Though the performance was touted as a strict one-off for old times’ sake, it’s worth mentioning that the band’s website has now been relaunched as well, reading “Pendulum Returns In 2016 / After Four Years Of Silence” – Swire has never kept shy about his desires to leave the studio work as is, but considering you wouldn’t normally relaunch your entire website to tease new shit after a one-off, we’re keeping our eyes peeled.

Check out Pendulum’s full performance from Ultra Music Festival ’16 below!

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