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Parkway Drive And Tonight Alive Collide In New Remix Of “A Deathless Song”

Winston x Jenna
Photos by Kane Hibberd.

Still fighting your post-weekend super-hangover? Well, your fave metalcore-come-eurometal maniacs Parkway Drive have the ultimate cure: two massive new bangers.

Over the weekend, the Byron boys released a deluxe edition of 2015’s #1-debuting Ire, featuring two single-worthy B-sides – “Devil’s Calling” and “Into The Dark” – along with a remix of closing jam “A Deathless Song” featuring vocals from Tonight Alive frontwoman Jenna McDougall. After coming in hot (literally) with a fiery (literally) music video for “Devil’s Calling” last week, the quintet have now released the other two of Ire.5‘s new tunes.

“A Deathless Song” works surprisingly well with McDougall’s soul-bending vocals adding an extra layer of uniqueness to an already left-of-field Parkway number; the remix comes in roughly two minutes shorter than the OG version, but rest assured, all of its groovy, smoky metal vibes are kept intact.

Though it starts off calm with a piano intro, “Into The Dark” is mercilessly heavy, studded with soaring guitar solos and ear-piercing double kicks, and of course, Winston McCall’s golden-age gutturals.

So uh, now that Ire‘s out of the way… Time for a new album?

Wrap your ears around the PWD x TA remix below!

Now compare it to the OG 2015 version:

Also, check out Parkway’s new banger “Into The Dark”:

Ire (Deluxe Edition) is out now via Resist.
Grab a copy: iTunes


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