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Northlane’s Marcus Bridge Puts A Spellbinding Spin On Hellions’ “Nightliner Rhapsody”


It’s the coming together of two great things: theatrical punk powerhouse Hellions and the vocal godliness of Northlane frontman / Pokémon and Panic! At The Disco enthusiast Marcus Bridge.

Hellions dropped their jaw-dropping magnum opus, Opera Oblivia, just a couple of weeks back on July 29th, and just yesterday wrapped up with an epic national headline tour. One of the biggest cuts from the ARIA #4-debuting LP – and already a setlist staple – is “Nightliner Rhapsody”; as if the track wasn’t massive enough as it was, Bridge has given it a spellbinding spin with a new vocal cover, upping the melody and melting our hearts in the process.

Before jumping in to fill ex-frontman Adrian Fitipaldes‘ shoes in Northlane, Bridge was known partially for posting vocal covers on YouTube – if this, and his recent take on The 1975‘s cut “Robbers”, give us any indication, we may be posting a heap more articles like this in the future… Or at least, we hope so.

Bridge also made his way onto the stage at Hellions’ headline show in Sydney last Friday, where he teamed up with Dre Faivre and co. to add his spark to “Nightliner Rhapsody” in the flesh. Our gallery and review of that show will drop in the coming days, but in the meantime, check out our 5/5 review of Opera Oblivia and a feature interview we did with guitarist Matthew Gravolin!

Lose yourself in Marcus Bridge’s cover of “Nightliner Rhapsody” below!

Now let us know, how does it stack up to the Hellions original?

Opera Oblivia is out now via UNFD
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | 24hundred | iTunes


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