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Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow Features On A Japanese Pop-Punk Banger

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We’re not entirely sure how, but there seems to be a lot of overlap between fans of Japanese culture, and those that fucking love getting their punk jumps on in the pit. As such, we present to you: perfection.

Alternative Medicine are the Land of the Rising Sun’s next biggest pop-punk powerhouse, set to drop their new semi-self-titled album, AltMed, sometime before the end of 2016. We can’t seem to get our hands on a copy of the LP in Australia, but you best damn believe we’re gonna import the shit out of it – especially when its new single, “The Great Escape”, is three minutes of loud ‘n’ lively foreign fire featuring Neck Deep mic-wizard Ben Barlow.

The record also features a drop-in from State Champs‘ Ryan Scott Graham, so even though we’ll have no fucking idea what’s being sung (the Japanese language is utilised to its fullest extent), we couldn’t be more pumped for the release.

In other recent Neck Deep news, the quintet recruited members of Blink-182 and Dashboard Confessional last week for a double dose remix of their 2015 cut “December”, which you should definitely check out right this instant.

Check out “The Great Escape (ft. Ben Barlow from Neck Deep)” below!

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