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Mosh The Fuck Out With A Brand New Tune From Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive

Fighting fire with gasoline is a terrible idea, don’t do it, you’ll die – and all that jazz – but Parkway Drive have just dropped a brand new single and we’re pretty sure it sounds exactly what a gas-fire-deathmatch would look like.

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While we at BLUNT spent the spent the weekend catching Pokémon and getting smashed, our fave Byron shredders used their days off to drop a bombshell – a deluxe edition of Ire is hitting (digital) shelves this Friday, adding atop 11 cuts of heavy-hitting heavy metal two new bangers, and a remix of closer “A Deathless Song” featuring none other than Tonight Alive‘s powerhouse frontwoman. Oh yeah. It’s huge.

Those two new songs are “Into The Dark” and “Devil’s Calling” – recorded in the same sessions as last year’s ARIA #1-debuting mecca, they sound like more of the soul-smashing jams we’ve spent a year vibing on in our commute playlists. Before the band release Ire 2.0 into the wild, though, they’ve given us a lil’ taste – you can stream “Devil’s Calling” right now!

However, we do have to warn you: you might need to clear your surroundings before hitting ‘play’: this tune will make you want to head-bang uncontrollably.

Wrap your ears around “Devil’s Calling” below!

Ire (Deluxe Edition) is out July 15th digitally via Resist
Grab a copy: iTunes


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