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letlive. Have Released A New Single To Kickstart Your Week


Monday morning – the bane of our collective existences. Caffeine consumption surges an average of 4,305% between the hours of 5am and 12pm at the start of the working week (we came up with this statistic on the spot, so it’s about as accurate as any other statistic), but for us at least, today’s energy hit comes from a new jam courtesy of California post-hardcore powerhouse letlive.

The quartet dropped their new cut, “Reluctantly Dead” on BBC Radio 1 last night, taking to the Rock Show with David P. Carter to boost hype for their impending forth LP, If I’m The Devil…

“Essentially, as far as the idea of the song and the content [goes], it’s just simply me trying to figure out a way to humanise authority,” said frontman Jason Aalon Butler in a short interview with Carter. “For so long, I put the blame on people taking power into their own hands, and not really considering the fact that the were people to begin with.

“Authority, for me, was always a threat. It wore this mask that made it easy for me to kind of talk shit and say I wanted nothing to do with it, but in this song, I’m just trying to humanise that and understand that, y’know, people make mistakes; [I’m] trying to figure out the line and the threshold of where people go over the line – how human is to take that kind power into your own hands, and what do you do with it when you get it?”

letlive. are set to release If I’m The Devil… on June 10th via Epitaph. “Reluctantly Dead” serves as the second single to come from the record, following last month’s “Good Mourning, America”.

Check out a stream of letlive.’s new single “Reluctantly Dead” below!

If I’m The Devil… is out June 10th via Epitaph
Grab a copy: JB-HiFiWebstore | iTunes


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