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Jarrod Alonge Just Dropped A New Sunrise Skater Kids Single

Jarrod Alonge

You know that one guy in the mosh that’s always making a solid effort to annoy as many other punters as possible? The dude that swings fists at the very edge of the pit; the one that won’t hesitate to actually cause physical injury if incited? If you don’t, it’s probably because you’re that guy. Or you’ve just never encountered them, which honestly, if so, we envy you. Anyway, musical comedy legend Jarrod Alonge also hates entitled hardcore pricks, and has channelled that into the deliciously melodic “Pit Warrior”.

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The track technically comes from Sunrise Skater Kids, one of Alonge’s dozen or so satirical bands – this one a tongue-piercing-in-cheek send-up of the seemingly endless stream of generic pop-punk outfits. SSK made five appearances on Alonge’s debut album, Beating A Dead Horse, and come April 1st, will have an 11-track full-length of their own: Friendville. “Pit Warrior” follows the brilliant parody-medley “All The Old Things” as the album’s second single, and features a cheeky drop-in from We Came As Romans frontman Dave Stephens.

Chuck a mosh with the new Sunrise Skater Kids jam “Pit Warrior (ft. Dave Stephens)” below.

Friendville is out April 1st independently.
Grab a copy: Webstore


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