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I Prevail Get Their Core On With Crushing New Single


With less than three weeks to go before dropping their destructive debut full-length, Michigan metalcore unit I Prevail have chucked us a spicy new single from it.

“Come And Get It” follows “Scars” and “Stuck In Your Head” (a fitting title, if we do say so ourselves) as the third single from Lifelines, upping the game with some crazy massive hooks and glass-shatter vocals. The album is set to hit shelves on October 31st via Fearless and Caroline.

If you think you’ve heard their name before but you’re not sure why, I Prevail got pretty bloody hyped up over their cover of Taylor Swift’s absolutely seminal “Blank Space” back in 2014. Don’t deny it: you definitely contributed to the 25 million views the vid racked up.

Chuck the new I Prevail banger on repeat with a stream below!

Lifelines drops October 21st via Fearless / Caroline
Pre-order it: JB HiFi | 24hundred | iTunes


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