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Here’s A 10-Hour Blink-182 Loop Track You Didn’t Ask For


“I wanna some naked duuuuudes, that’s why I built this pooooo-oooool…”

Are you a fan of the latest Blink-182 track? Are you up for hearing it approximately 2,500 times on a 10-hour loop?

With tongues firmly planted in cheeks the long-running pop-punk band have debuted the 14-second “Built This Pool” as only they could: as a 10-hour looped video on YouTube. We’re not sure about you but it’s left us with Vietnam-esque flashbacks to the 10-hour loop of Tom DeLonge’s first verse from “Miss You”.

“Built This Pool” is one of two sub-one-minute bangers to come from the long-running pop-punk band’s forthcoming album, California (the other is the only-Blink-could-get-away-with-it “Brohemian Rhapsody”).

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If you dig it, Mark, Matt and Travis have been kind enough to offer the track as a free download on their website, where you can also get your mitts on California pre-order bundles.

Being the band’s first record without founding member DeLonge, California is easily one of the year’s most anticipated releases – and we’re reserving our judgment until we’ve blasted it in full (coincidentally, the LP will be dropping on July 1st, which just so happens to be the 182nd day of the year).

Following that Blink will be leading the enviable lineup of A Day To Remember, All Time Low and The All-American Rejects on a US national tour which kicks off in San Diego, California on July 22nd. Us right now.

Break your brain with a 10-hour loop of “Built This Pool” below.

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