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Gerard Way Has Released A “Lost” Black Parade-Era Vocal Recording


Ask any veteran emo to list off their favourite LPs and there’s a 99.99% chance The Black Parade will be one of the first few names to be dropped, if not the first. Taking My Chemical Romance from 1,000-cap theatres to 20,000-cap arenas, the record is an undeniable landmark of the ’00s alternative scene.

It’s especially exciting, then, that former vocalist (and current solo artist) Gerard Way has unearthed a ‘new’ vocal recording from the album’s studio sessions – a cover of The Carpenters’ track “Superstar” that Way used as a warm up tool before laying down the heart-wrenching lyrics for “Cancer”.

Alongside the surprise release was – as it should surprise nobody – a lengthy Twitter spiel about how a cover track almost ended up on The Black Parade, how the record almost became a 2-disc affair, and just how crazy the studio process became in general all those years ago.

Take a peek at Way’s tweets explaining the background behind the “Superstar” recording:

For those not keeping count, The Black Parade celebrates its tenth anniversary this October. Will it be commemorated by a reunion tour and re-release with other unreleased tracks? Probably (definitely) not, but hey, we can always dream.

Take a listen to Gerard Way’s take on “Superstar”, from the Black Parade sessions, below.

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