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Fuck Yourself Up With A New Single From Beartooth

Beartooth 2016

Ohio punkcore powerhouse Beartooth are living up to their new album’s title of Aggressive, their new single “Always Dead” clocking in at two minutes and eighteen seconds of fast, furious and fucking intense perfection. It comes as the first cut from the quartet’s aformentioned sophomore LP, which you can expect to get your filthy mitts on come June 3rd.

Self-produced by frontman Caleb Shomo, the disc follows up on 2014’s Disgusting – which, on the off chance you’ve lived the past two years under a mosh-less rock and haven’t yet bumped it yourself, was a mental trip of riffs and roars. If “Always Dead” gives us any indication, fans of that opus will not walk on disappointed by the new offerings.

What does come as disappointing, however, is the lack of an Australian tour being announced thus far. Come on, Shomo – we believe in you!

Fuck yourself up with a stream of Beartooth’s new single “Always Dead” below!

Aggressive is out June 3rd via Red Bull Records / UNFD
Grab a copy: Webstore | 24hundred | iTunes


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