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Exclusive Video Premiere: Magnus – “Ghost Town”


It’s been a pretty huge week in Australialand – if only for the classic annual ARIA non-troversies – so it makes sense that we’d cap it all off with a pretty huge tune, right? Sydney stoner-punk legends Magnus have given us the sneaky on their new ripper, “Ghost Town”, which you can suss right the fuck now.

Trust us when we say the cut shreds hard – it’s a three-minute mind-melter best served loud, with a side of whatever the Friday special at your local bottle-o is. The band have met it with a video produced themselves, which they say captures the melancholic vibes one seeps in when they’re soaring through cities they’re not quite keen on. As the blokes explain:

“Just like our video clips for ‘Pandora’ and ‘Non-Activity-Negativity-Not-a-tivity’, the video for ‘Ghost Town’ was produced by ourselves, and one thing you will notice while watching all of them is that they are all distinctly different from each other. In our opinion, each video really has to capture the essence of a song – even though some branding guru will probably tell you that you have to McDonald’s-ify your approach to become a two-dimensional, easily recognisable brand…

“‘Pandora’ created a dark and weird, animated psychedelic world. ‘Negativity’, being a more ‘direct’ song, shows us playing together as a band, and has more of a live feel to it. With ‘Ghost Town’, we took a different approach in terms of filming and editing, as well as the message that it sends. It’s based more on creating certain moods with emotional imagery, and the mood we wanted to capture was that of a personal experience in a city with a slightly sad and melancholic longing for simpler times: times when the focus is on people and not money, development and media indoctrination.

“So, both the footage and the edits are quite rough – much like one would expect using an old Super-8 camera – with low frame rates, jerky movements and oddly timed sequencing. It’s a deliberate antithesis to the overproduced visuals that seem to dominate nowadays. Things don’t need to be perfect – there is so much charm to be found in imperfection… It’s raw. It’s personal. It allows you to read more deeply into it.

“In fact, the scenes really have to be read into. The moods and images in the scenes are quite symbolic and relate back to the lyrics of the song. For example, the city appearing as a sterile plastic mannequin with pretentious sunglasses – hypnotised by the colourful lights of the big city…”

Watch the new video for “Ghost Town” below!

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