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Exclusive Track Premiere: Undercast – “Pressure”

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BLUNT don’t just froth pop-punk on Wednesdays – 4/4 kick-snare patterns and synchronised punk jumps is a full-time gig, and for today’s sesh, we’ve got the exclusive on a brand new banger from Sydney boys Undercast. Yew!

“Pressure” is our first official taste of the quartet’s forthcoming sophomore EP, Temperamental. It’s been a long time coming – the blokes dropped their five-track debut, Welcome Home, all the way back in September 2014. They’ve been hard at work smashing out the follow-up ever since (inbetween touring with international stalwarts like State Champs, of course), and come March 22nd, all that blood, sweat and riffs will have totally paid off.

March 22nd isn’t the only date you’ll need to mark off on your calendar, though! Undercast were recently announced as one of the nine acts set to fucking destroy us at this year’s Bondi Blitz festival, alongside fellow scene-smashers such as Polaris, Stories, Dear Seattle and Stand Atlantic. That show is also free, and it takes place on a beach, so… It’s a no-brainer, really.

Stream Undercast’s new banger “Pressure” below!

Temperamental is out March 22nd independently
Grab a copy: Webstore | iTunes | BandCamp


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