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Exclusive Track Premiere: No! Not The Bees! – “Sommersby Rd”

No! Not The Bees!

In these especially trying times for the world, all we want to do is lose our shit with the loudest, most incoherent and mindlessly violent shit we can abuse our stereos with. But when the deathcore starts to slur your speech and the black metal starts chewing away at your skull, you can always rely on some quality pop-punk to bring you back down to earth.

And, to start off a fresh week, we’ve got a solid dose of top notch easycore from Melbourne melody whores No! Not The Bees! Their latest cut is “Sommersby Rd” (as you may have guessed, named after a street in Melbourne), a bright, hook-heavy tune that absolutely blows the fuck up with some much-welcomed guttural drop-ins.

“‘Sommersby Rd’ goes out to anyone who has experienced heartbreak and had to contend with the jealousy, confusion and angst that comes before you’re able to let go and move on,” says frontman Daine Carlon.

The single follows “Sick II Death” as the second to come from No! Not The Bees!’s forthcoming EP, High Spirits. The record drops next Monday, November 21st independently.

Get your pop-punk on with “Sommersby Rd” below!

High Spirits drops November 21st independently
Grab a copy: Bandcamp


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