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Exclusive Track Premiere: Blind Oracle – “Bloodlines”

Blind Oracle

There’s only one thing that can make a public holiday even more awesome: some thick, fast, brutal-as-fuck deathcore. And to load us up with our Labour Day fill – Novocastrian shred lords Blind Oracle!

The magpie-hating metal mainstays have given us a cheeky first spin of their new banger, “Bloodlines” – it’s our first taste of their forthcoming debut full-length, which doesn’t have a title or release date just yet, but already has us pelting fistfuls of cash at our computer screens. “Bloodlines” is said to act as the bridge between 2015’s Between Blade & Flesh EP and next year’s album.

“‘Bloodlines is an encapsulation of our aggression and frustration with the current state of societal unconsciousness prevalent in organised religion and the government,” says vocalist Brodie Paul.

“[The track] looks at how they both influence us in our daily lives through subtle manipulation and fear, and ultimate how they lead us astray. Heavy music is the greatest artistic vessel for this mindset, so it came together naturally. This is simply a reaction to the world we live in.”

Get your mosh on with “Bloodlines” below!

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