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Exclusive EP Stream + Review: Osaka Punch – Death Monster Super Squad

Osaka Punch

Osaka Punch
Death Monster Super Squad
Birds Robe / MGM

3.5 Score

Despite only releasing the full-length Voodoo Love Machine back in May, Brisbane’s brutal pop overlords Osaka Punch are back and in full force for a rollicking hit of soul-melting groove with Death Monster Super Squad. As its title would imply, the foursome give not a single fuck about “making sense”: the seven tracks are all sorts of groovy, laquered in a fuzzy swagger and the kind of cool a leather jacket and Ray-Bans would’ve gifted you in the ’70s, but they’re also daftly catchy and pop-centred, studded with killer rock riffs and sprinkled with just the right touch of heaviness to start a decent mosh.

The constant coalescence of contrasting elements can be a touch off-putting at times, but for every moment that ushers a tilted head, there’s three that usher only the frothiest of windmills. Tracks like “Stonk” shine in their singularity, fusing chunky low-end shredding with jazzy keyboard riffs and vocals soaked in sultriness – no matter how vexatious the lyrics behind them may be. Each track sees a new concept or character thrown into the mix, which gives the EP a topical sense of broadness – monotony is nowhere to be found, with each cut gripping in its own left-of-field fashion. Again, it’s sometimes a little hit and miss. But when it hits, it hits hard.

Ultimately, it’s live that Death Monster Super Squad will make its most solid impact – the effortless amalgam of horns, keys and guitar sounds ridiculously sexy on disc (thanks in no short part to some fucking brilliant production), but the mere thought of watching it all fuse together in the flesh is just… Yes. Fuck yes. For now, though, it’s well worth sitting back, popping a tab, and losing yourself in every mind-numbing nook of Osaka Punch’s standout EP.

Check out a full stream of Death Monster Super Squad below!

Death Monster Super Squad drops September 16th via Birds Robe / MGM
Pre-order: iTunes


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