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Exclusive Album Stream: Magnus – Magnus (S/T)

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Latin for “the great” – or “powerhouse” in old Norwegian – Magnus are a fittingly-titled band. Fresh out of Sydney, the “oddly timed stoner jazz rock with a dash of goth” (as their Facebook page so perfectly describes them) trio have made a name for themselves with a sound unlike any other – numbing hooks tied with groovy basslines, jam-worthy riffs and a voice so goddamn powerful the US are using it to overthrow Russia. Their self-titled debut LP drops today – exclusively on BLUNT – and boy, are you in for a ride.

The opus was recorded over a lighting-bolt jam session spanning three-and-a-half days, ARIA-winning producer Paul McKercher (Gyroscope, You Am I, The Living End) tying up the loose ends as Magnus shredded their hearts out. Of course, the band didn’t just piece their puzzle together on a whim; prior to meeting with McKercher, they spent a full week in seclusion jamming from dawn ’til dusk in a sheep sheering shed near the regional town of Cootamundra, NSW.

Their goal was to produce a slab of tunes that truly captured the spirit of their raucous live show, and having spun it on repeat for well over a dozen listens, we’ll gladly attest to that as a ‘mission accomplished’.

“It should always be a little rough/raw, going for a performance in a full take rather than editing the hell out of it and by doing so taking all our glorious faults and personalities away,” the band stated in a press release.

Lose yourself in our exclusive stream of Magnus’ debut album below.

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