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Ex-My Chemical Romance Guitarist Ray Toro Announces Debut Solo Album

Ray Toro

Pretty sure we speak for everyone when we say that the MCR-my is a clusterfuck of emotions right now. For starters, we’re still not over that whole MCRX debacle – no matter how fucking incredible the OG “House Of Wolves” is. Last week also saw Frank Iero And The Patience shaken up in Sydney when they became involved in a harrowing bus crash incident.

Now, to further throw us out of whack – but also shine some brightness on these dark days – ex-guitarist and perfect human Ray Toro is releasing a solo album. Remember The Laughter is the culmination of almost three years of secretive writing, noodling, and… Being perfect. It’s set to hit shelves on November 18th, with Toro handling the entire release 100 percent independently.

As learned from an exclusive interview with Alternative Press, the LP is “loosely framed around the story of an older man visiting his childhood home and hearing a familiar melody coming from the house. He follows the sound and discovers a box of things the man’s father left behind that sparks memories of his life and the lessons he learned.”

Remember The Laughter will mark the sixth non-MCR release to drop from My Chemical Romance members since the iconic band’s split in 2013; frontman Gerard Way released the britpop-ish Hesitant Alien in 2014; his brother (bassist) Mikey dropped the Electric Century debut, For The Night To Control, earlier this year; and Iero has gone full-bore noise punk with 2014’s Stomachaches and this month’s Parachutes, as well as the Death Spells full-length, Nothing Above, Nothing Below.

To accompany the announcement of his debut album, Toro also released a new single, “Take The World”. It’s a bright, jangly pop tune, with an uplifting message and a pseudo-sorta Danger Days vibe. It’s… It’s good shit. Spin it.

Wrap your ears around “Take The World” below!

Remember The Laughter drops November 18th independently
Pre-order it: Webstore | iTunes


1. Isn’t That Something
2. Walking In Circles
3. Wedding Day
4. We Save
5. Ascent
6. The Great Beyond
7. Take The World
8. Father’s Day
9. The Lucky Ones
10. Requiem
11. Look at You Now
12. Eruption
13. Hope For The World
14. Waiting Room
15. Remember The Laughter

  • Carole C

    How’s the lovely, quicksilver guitar…. Ray ripping. Great to have him back!

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