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DevilDriver’s “Songs For The Day After Judgment Day”


Welcome to BLUNT’s new initiative to combat the sheer boredom/frustration that clouds the centre of the working, schooling or mere bludging week.

Each week we’ll present a new playlist, curated by a local or international favourite, built around a theme of their choice. Here’s where you can find new tunes, sing-a-long to some old favourites and just get a solid thwack of music to carry you though the mid-week blergh of it all.

Cali metal kings DevilDriver have stepped up to the plate this week with 22 “Songs For The Day After Judgment Day”.  Shredder Mike Spreitzer tells us he’s filled it with goth or industrial music that most people have never heard of. If that doesn’t scream “good time” then we don’t know what does. So save this playlist, plug in, stream on and chill-the-fuck-out.

DevilDriver’s “Songs For The Day After Judgment Day”

Trust No One is out May 13 through Roadrunner/Warner.


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