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Bring Me The Horizon Destroy A Craig David Song At Oli Sykes’ Wedding

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Remember that time on your 11th birthday, when the first thing you did after waking up was sprint straight to the mailbox, only to be crushingly disappointed when an owl wasn’t there to deliver you a Hogwarts acceptance letter? Well, those feelings are back, because… Um… WHERE WAS OUR INVITATION TO YOUR WEDDING, OLI!?

Oli Sykes (who you may know as the frontman of this small rock band called Bring Me The Horizon) married model and tattoo artist Hannah Pixie Snowdon in Tuscany, Italy last year, and almost six months after the private ceremony went down – along with, judging from the video, a metric fucklitre of champagne – video footage of Sykes and his guests jamming out to Craig David‘s iconic “Rewind” has surfaced.

Alongside other members of BMTH and some probably-celebrities-but-we-can’t-recognise-them-so-they’re-not-relevant, Sykes sings along to the ’90s dance hit with more passion than we’ve seen from any of his own band’s live performances in the past year. He also screams more in the video than he did on the entirety of That’s The Spirit – could this be a hint towards a ’90s pop cover album performed in Bring Me The Horizon’s early deathcore style!?

Probably not, but… A webzine can dream.

Watch Oli Sykes and friends smash out their rendition of “Rewind” below!

Now compare it to Craig David’s original, because now you pretty much have to…

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