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BLUNT’s Feel Good Playlist – World Mental Health Day 2015

Today marks World Mental Health Day, a chance to #SmashTheStigma that surrounds mental illness and encourage those suffering to seek out help. According to Mental Health Australia, one in five Australians will experience a mental illness in the next 12 months, and almost 50% of us will in our lifetimes. There’s never been a more important time to prioritise our mental health by thinking about the things that contribute to making us feel positive, healthy and fulfilled. Here at BLUNT, we’re keen to do our part – however small it may be – so we’ve surveyed all of our contributors and joined forces with members from Northlane, Storm The Sky, Stories, Dead Letter Circus and Stray From The Path to bring you a feel good playlist of heavy tunes that’ll go a long way towards bringing you out of a slump.

If you think someone you know is having a rough time with mental illness, reach out and see what you can do to help. If you’re struggling yourself, know that there’s no shame in asking for help – even the best of us succumb to feelings of depression and anxiety, and it’s the most courageous among us who speak up and ask for support.


Storm The Sky – Will Jarratt, Lachlan Avis, Andy Szetho

“Diamond” by Stick To Your Guns
It’s not like the typical “anti-depression bullshit hardcore” songs that are out there. It’s real and self reflective, and because of that it always seems to give me hope when I don’t want to face the day.

“Chelsea Smile” by Bring Me The Horizon
This song always gets the juices flowing and lifts the spirits high. Whether it’s for the purpose of getting rid of that negative energy or if it’s windows down on a ripper day, it gets the job done every time.

“Home Away From Here” – Touché Amoré
When we’re on the road and I’m feeling a bit down and homesick, this song makes me reflect on why I’m doing what I’m doing, and that the sacrifices we’ve made to make this band work are 110% worth it


Stray From The Path – Tom Williams

“Be Quiet And Drive” by Deftones
It’s the ultimate anti-kill yourself heavy song. Something about that song turned all the way up in your car makes you feel invincible.
“We’re Wolf” by Every Time I Die
This track is such a headbanging song. It’s impossible to feel shitty when you fuck with this song.
“Day In Day Out” by Architects
This one is up there for me as well, however I sometimes get depressed listening to it because the first riff is so good, I’m mad I didn’t write it myself.

Dead Letter Circus – Luke Williams

“The Pretender” by Foo Fighters
For its cracking beat and epic film clip of the band vs. a swarm of SWAT team dudes. Makes you wanna scream the chorus – “What if I say I’m not like the others? What if I say I’m not just another one?” Epic.
“Typical” by Mutemath
A great song by the Louisiana quartet with a great film clip done in reverse and a great message about striving to be yourself and unique, not the typical. Embrace that shit!
“Freedom” by Rage Against The Machine
One of the sickest riffs ever to be created. Rad breakdowns with double cowbells… who doesn’t love that shit? And the outro where Zack de la Rocha screams “FREEDOM!!!” – Goosebumps on goosebumps, bitches!


If you’re in need of a helping hand, these organisations are on call 24/7:
Kids Helpline
– 1800 55 1800
beyondblue – 1300 22 4636
Lifelife – 13 11 14
Suicide Call Back Service – 1300 65 94 67


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