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Being As An Ocean Ink Deal With Equal Vision; Premiere New Banger

Being As An Ocean

Melodic hardcore frontrunners Being As An Ocean have just announced that they’ve left InVogue Records and signed with Equal Vision. The New York label plays host to a roster of notables in the alternative scene, including Say Anything and We Came As Romans. 

Vocalist Joel Quartuccio described joining Equal Vision’s roster as “like a dream come true”. He also noted that “the label’s ethos and passion for the music was akin to our own”. Matching Quartuccio’s statements, Equal Vision’s president Dan Sandshaw described his desire to work with the outfit on music “filled with love, hope and compassion”.

Fortunately for us, you can preview some of that below with Being As An Ocean’s new single, “Dissolve”, which was premiered over at Alt Press. The track took a whopping 3-4 months to make and was recorded with Matt McCllellan, who the act have worked with numerous times before.

So, a new single, a new signing… Surely there’s got to be a new album on the way, right? Get excited, friends, because Being As An Ocean will record full-length number four later this year. 2016 also has in store “a lot of amazing tours, more and more singles, and a band, full of best friends, excited and ready to make this year one of the best that BAAO has ever had”. Sounds promising.

Watch the video for Being As An Ocean’s fresh single, “Dissolve”, below.

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