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Band Combines Cooking And Metalcore In Brilliant Parody Series

Linzey Rae

You probably haven’t heard of them, but The Anchor are a five-piece metalcore band from Denver, Colorado fronted by Linzey Rae. Rather than just your average breakdown-riddled ‘core outfit, The Anchor have found a unique way of setting themselves apart (other than the incredible gravelly vocals on offer from their frontwoman).

You see, The Anchor have taken to making YouTube parody videos that are both creative and funny as hell in a series called “Metal Kitchen” – they take a popular metalcore song, and Linzey Rae screams a recipe in place of the original lyrics.

So far, they’ve put up a birthday cake recipe to the tune of For Today, a mean shepherd’s pie recipe sung to The Ghost Inside’s “The Great Unknown”, and most recently, they’ve tackled Atreyu’s “Crimson” and delivered a delicious how-to for spaghetti and meatballs.

Before you immediately call “FAKE!!!1!” because it looks as though Rae is lip-syncing, be aware that her vocals have been recorded in a studio, much the same way many of your other favourite bands have. Don’t be fooled by her sweet look, either – this girl is the real deal when it comes to delivering a demonic growl.

Colour us keen for the next installment in the series (and a hefty serving of spaghetti and meatballs).

Watch Linzey Rae rip through a metalcore meatball recipe below.

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