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Asking Alexandria, From First To Last, The Word Alive Members Form Pop-Punk Supergroup

Asking Alexandria

Remember when we all freaked out about how Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce was in the studio with ex-frontman (and former hardcore beef buddy) Danny Worsnop – and From First To Last shred-lord Matt Good was in on it too?

Yeah, well, it looks like we know what that whole thing was about: a pop-punk supergroup with The Word Alive guitarist Zack Hansen called Kill It With Fire. I mean… The kind of set themselves up for the inevitable joke, right?

Announced via a string of tweets, Good is set to front the project, with Bruce on guitar and Hansen on bass. Worsnop isn’t actually in the band, but it’s likely that whole studio sesh was to lay down some guest vocals on a track. Good has also smushed our pre-fears that the band would veer to uncomfortably into the pop realm – he tweeted, “It’s gonna be pretty pop punk, but not too pop punk. Just the right amount.”

Details on their first release are still vague at this point – as in, there are none at fucking all – but trust us: the second that first banger lands, we’ll be aaaaaaaaaaaall over it.

Suss what Matt Good had to say about the new project on Twitter below!

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