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As It Is Release New Song “Winter’s Weather”

As It Is

UK pop-punkers As It Is have unveiled a dapper new video to accompany the release of their fresh track “Winter’s Weather”. The song originates from the deluxe edition of their debut album, Never Happy, Ever After, which dropped this week via Fearless Records.

The re-release contains the new tune and fresh art on top of acoustic versions of “Dial Tones”, “Cheap Shots And Setbacks” and “Concrete” featuring Ansley Newman of Jule Vera. The band toured here late last year off the back of the original LP, and will be suiting up to tour the deluxe one in Europe with Sydney’s finest, With Confidence. They’ll perform Never Happy, Ever After in full, as well as prior EP This Mind Of Mine (which was definitely not co-written by Zayn Malik).

Frontman Patty Walters commented that the track was “written whilst we were on the road towards the end of 2015. Written across countries, vans, motels, sound checks, dressing rooms, practice rooms, studios and friends’ houses”. He also poetically put it that the song was “born in the environment that Never Happy, Ever After paved for us and so we see it as a closing song to the Never Happy era”.

Watch the clip for “Winter’s Weather” below.

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