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Architects Have “Gone With The Wind” On Their New Single


That pun might have been the cringiest thing you see today, but the music video for Architects‘ new single “Gone With The Wind” sure won’t be. The British metalcore unit released their latest triple-j-banner-worthy tune overnight, further hyping us up for their impending seventh album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us.

The single follows “A Match Made In Heaven” as the second to drop from the full-length. Architects toured Australia twice on the back of their last LP, and they do have potential slots in their touring schedule for the rest of the year, so… We’re not saying to get your hopes up, buuuuuut…

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is due to hit shelves on May 27th via UNFD and Epitaph. Following up on 2014’s Lost Forever // Lost Together, the LP is set to continue Architects’ string of albums that put all other hardcore bands to shame, no matter how far into their career they are.

Have your mind blown far into the stratosphere with Architects’ new frother “Gone With The Wind” below!

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is out May 27th via UNFD/Epitaph
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | iTunes | 24hundred


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