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Angels & Airwaves Release Surprise 4-Track EP

Angels & Airwaves

This month is a huge one for alternative rock, for no event more significant than that of the new Blink-182 single, which is supposedly dropping on April 26th. Likely not an attempt to steal the hype, but surely news that will convince some fans to think it nonetheless, ex-frontman Tom DeLonge has dropped a new EP with his Angels & Airwaves project.

The surprise four-track release accompanies DeLonge’s latest novel, Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows, which was also released yesterday. The songs are set to serve as a soundtrack to the book, which is the first in a three-volume series. The sci-fi novels were co-written by DeLonge and author A.J. Hartley, with the other two set to drop later in the year.

In a recent interview with GQ, Delonge explained; “The novel is the outcome of many secret meetings across the United States with government officials, and the music is a companion piece that in some ways is a throwback to the early days of Angels and Airwaves.” Honestly, it’s great to see he’s still a diehard conspiracy theorist! Never change, Tom. Never change.

Stream the new Angels & Airwaves EP, Chasing Shadows, below!

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