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All Time Low Drop Music Video For New Single “Missing You”


Imagine chilling out with some casual memes, stalking your crush on Instagram and pissing away time with YouTube nonsense, when all of a sudden, you get a Skype call from your favourite band. Just out of nowhere. Then imagine that the footage of you freaking out like the shameless fangirl you are was used as the basis for your favourite band’s music video.

Sounds way too good to be true, right? It definitely is, but that’s exactly what pop-punk powerhouse All Time Low did last February! The randomly selected video chats were compiled into the 5-minute clip for their latest single, “Missing You”, a jam as powerfully pop-punk as its title implies.

“Missing You” is the fifth single to drop from All Time Low’s sixth LP, Future Hearts, following “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Kids In The Dark”, “Runaways” and “Tidal Waves”. Future Hearts turned an adorable one year old just three days ago – we’re hoping the boys decide to announce their Australian headline tour before it enters the terrible twos.

Watch the video for All Time Low’s new single “Missing You” below!

Future Hearts is out now via Hopeless/UNFD
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | Webstore | iTunes | 24hundred


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