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Absolute Legend Shreds A Metal Jam On A One-Stringed Guitar Made From A Shovel

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.59.01 PM

We shit you not, this is an actual thing that legitimately exists in real life. And it’s fucking epic!

Rob Scallon is your average everyday guitar player, mate, and general YouTube badarse. Past videos have shown that he’s pretty great at this whole “absolute God with a guitar” thing – he’s made songs using one fret, and he’s made songs using every fret – but his latest feat is by far the most noteworthy. Old mate has conjured up a full-blown metal banger using nothing more than a rusty garden shovel equipped with some electrics and a single, solitary string for him to pluck away at. What’s more, the track is… Well… Actually pretty great.

Once you’ve had a suss of this masterpiece and spent a solid four hours skimming through Scallon’s other clips, head over to the dude’s Patreon account and chuck him the coin you’d otherwise have spent on your arvo coffee – partially because we think this is a feat much deserving of our hard earned, but also, we’re stoked to see what other rudimentary items Scallon can shred with. Frying-pan-core? We’re in.

Get your garden mosh on “Shovel Metal” below!

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