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A Day To Remember Premiere New Song “Paranoia”

A Day To Remember

Either A Day To Remember are the chillest band in the history of the universe or they’re taking a leaf out of the Foo Fighters’ book and trolling us pretty goddamn hard. Remember yesterday, when we told you they were going to drop something new? They did – it’s a new track called “Paranoia” and you can stream it below.

We know what you’re thinking: there’s going to be a new album, right? After that cute little teaser video the easycore act dropped yesterday? According to frontman Jeremy McKinnon the answer is no, no and absolutely not. He cheekily told Zane Lowe when the song premiered on Apple Music’s Beats 1 that Lowe was “acting like there’s some mystery album floating out there in the ether and I’m just telling you there’s not”.

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Instead, the tune is being released as an exercise “for fun”, seeing the band “branch out in different directions”. We’re surprised the catchy and considerably less-pop-than-usual banger wasn’t a fucking rickroll. The Ocala quintet’s last full-length Common Courtesy was released all the way back in 2013 after a hefty dispute with Victory Records, so if you feel like it’s been a while, it definitely has.

Overall, A Day To Remember are “just taking it as it comes”. Apparently, “they write constantly” and there’s “no real specific date” that they’re doing anything. We’ll keep our fingers crossed just in case.

Watch the video for A Day To Remember’s new single “Paranoia” below.

Watch their cute-ass update video while you’re at it.


    I guess the author of this just dosnt get it but when he said those things he was obviously being sarcastic. Unless the author is even more sarcastic. Nonetheless there’s an album coming. On Twitter a fan said “Jeremy McKinnon is such a terrible liar” and Jeremy responded with a “😂” emoji

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