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A Day To Remember Have FINALLY Announced Their Sixth Album

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Can you believe it’s nearly been three whole years since A Day To Remember last put out an album? The genre-bending popcore unit released Common Courtesy in October ’13, and while that disc still reigns as thirteen tracks of sloshy, moshy perfection, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t on our knees and begging for a follow-up.

And so, today is pretty fucking massive – Bad Vibrations is the name of the quintet’s sixth studio album, it’s 100% real, and you’ll be able to get your ears around a copy in two-and-a-half months on August 19th. Yep. You have permission to lose your shit.

The new record marks A Day To Remember’s first as a member of the Epitaph family; they’re still releasing Bad Vibrations under their own ADTR Records imprint, but some major label footing beneath them certainly can’t hurt. The record was co-produced by a legendary duo of Bill Stephenson (The Descendents) and Jason Livermore (Rise Against / NOFX), and saw the band rethink everything they thought they knew about the album-making process.

“We completely changed the way we wrote, recorded and mixed this album,” says frontman Jeremy McKinnon. “It was one of the most unique recording experiences we’ve ever had. We rented a cabin in the mountains 30 minutes outside of town and just wrote together in a room, which was the polar opposite of the last three albums we’ve made. And working with Bill was an awesome experience. He was a bit hard to read at first, so I think we subconsciously pushed ourselves harder to try to impress him. As a result, we gave this album everything we had.”

In addition to the bombshell that is their sixth full-length being an actual legit thing that exists in real life, A Day To Remember have dropped a crushing new single in its title track. An opening cut nothing short of anthemic, “Bad Vibrations” soars with huge breakdowns, numbing riffs, and the type of infectious hooks that made us fall head over heals for the boys all the way back in 2005. And of course, previous single “Paranoia” is on the album as well – it slams in right off the back of this one.

Get hyped for Bad Vibrations with the new video for its title track below!

Bad Vibrations is out August 19th via ADTR Records / Epitaph
Grab a copy: Webstore | iTunes


1. Bad Vibrations
2. Paranoia
3. Naivety
4. Exposed
5. Bullfight
6. Reassemble
7. Justified
8. We Got This
9. Same About You
10. Turn Off the Radio
11. Forgive and Forget

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