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20 Bands To Watch In 2015

Storm The Sky

The ACID Monkeys

Track Name: “Dead-Shit Blues”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It was a blues song written by our singer. We always enjoy fusing blues writing into punk rock.
Latest Release: Our five-track EP Crook that came out late November.
Hometown: Wollongong, New South Wales.
Website: facebook.com/the-acid-monkeys
What’s the game plan for 2015? We’re in the planning stages for our second Aussie tour and we hope to play as many places as possible.
For Fans Of: Frenzal Rhomb, Chocking Victim, Beartooth, Left Over Crack, punk, rock’n’roll and hardcore.


Track Name: “Against The Grain”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Our latest single. The theme is based upon living the life you want to live rather then the one society expects you to. It’s the Arteries sound in a nutshell: erratic, heavy and groovy. We love a good riff.
Latest Release: Our self-titled debut EP and you can download it for free on Bandcamp.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: facebook.com/arteriesband
What’s the game plan for 2015?
We already have some shows booked for early 2015 but the main priority is to write and record a follow-up to our EP. We have some songs written so it just comes down to fine tuning.
For Fans Of: The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, and Meshuggah.


Track Name: “Dumb Ideas”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Ostensibly this is a song about not being a wanker and getting rid of wankers from your life. It may have originally been written with a girl in mind, but you know, those romantic feelings come and go like sands through the hourglass. The sentiment remains the same.
Latest Release: Our Dumb Ideas/My Only Friend 7” released in mid 2014.
Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia.
Web Address: baddreems.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
We are not the best forward planners, but the following commitments bear down upon us: recording an album with Mark Opitz (AC/DC, The Angels, Cold Chisel, INXS etc.) with whom we recorded our recent 7”; touring with The Black Keys in April; releasing our album; going to the UK and back to the USA.
For Fans Of: The Replacements, The Coloured Girls-era Paul Kelly, and The Saints.


Track Name: “Scream”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: This song wasn’t a single off our EP but it seems to be the fan favourite. The song is about attempting to reach out for help in any way possible but ultimately feeling like you’re a ‘voice lost in a crowd’.
Latest Release: Our single “Invincible”.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: wearebreakaway.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
2014 has been huge for us, spending most of the year touring with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Anberlin and Hands Like Houses. With most of our time in 2014 being taken up by touring, 2015 is all about writing and recording our debut album and then touring as many places as possible. We would love to see as many regional areas as possible as well as the usual capital cites.
For Fans Of: 30 Seconds To Mars, You Me At Six, Tonight Alive, and Anberlin.


Track Name: “Selfish Prick”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: This is the title track from our new four-song 7” record. We recorded it in Hobart and you can hear the heavenly voices of our friends Lincoln Le Fevre and Tyler and Pat from Luca Brasi amongst it.
Latest Release: Selfish Prick 7”
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria.
Web Address: weareceres.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
2015?! Holy shit, we’ve got to survive the rest of this 22-date Violent Soho tour first. I’m not sure we will.
For Fans Of: ‘90s punk and emotional rock.


Track Name: “Christburner”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It’s the first single off our debut album and there’s an evil little video for it on YouTube. Written about the ancient Roman emperor Nero – who persecuted and tortured Christians, and was believed by many to be the antichrist – it’s the perfect gateway track into our savage mix of hardcore influenced death/black metal.
Latest Release: Unholy – a full-length album available now on 12” and digitally through MONOLITH.
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria.
Web Address: colossvs.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Tour heaps… We already have a tour in January with Birds In Row and Calvaiire from France, with some plans coming together for more Australian shows, as well as Asia and New Zealand. Between all that we’re going to write another record.
For Fans Of: Satyricon, Ringworm, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Integrity, At The Gates, Converge, Young And In The Way, and Dimmu Borgir.


Track Name: “(I Plan To) Starve (On You)”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Sometimes pushing past your own comfort point can reveal both scary impressive things that you could never imagine or believe of yourself. That being said, this song is blatantly about sex.
Latest Release: Our album The Sliding Scale Of Morality was recorded in Tokyo, Japan in mid 2014 and released as a photo journal/CD.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: corpuscorpuscorpus.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Tour constantly, see as much of Australia and overseas as possible, see how far this ridiculous venture takes us.
For Fans Of: At The Drive-In, Brand New, Refused, Nirvana, and angst.

The Dead Love

Track Name: “This Is A War”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Clocking in at just over two minutes, “This Is A War” was the unrelenting first single from our now released debut album Transitions. It’s a threat, it’s a cry, it’s a chant –  “This Is A War” is a rally from the gut.
Latest Release: Our debut album Transitions.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: thedeadlove.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Drop a couple more singles and clips off Transitions with supporting tours, a new EP of some heavier tunes we’ve been working on set for release mid year, then back in the studio to write and record album number two at the end of the year! Heaps of music and heaps of touring for The Dead Love in 2015.
For Fans Of: At The Drive-In, Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Led Zeppelin, and The Vines.

Death Mountain

Track Name: “Word Salad”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Word Salad” is one of the catchy, “nice” tracks off the record, but it’s also a short-and-sweet math rock song. It stops and starts and has a fair bit of time signature mayhem in it. The lyrical ideas are pretty simple; they’re about the ways in which words can fail you. Having just the means of communication at your disposal is never enough on its own. And there’s another related idea in there: it doesn’t matter what you tell yourself, or what grand plans you make if you don’t match your words with actions. Words are cheap. That’s why paying lip service to something is always to short-change it.
Latest Release: Our self-released LP Volcanic Panic, distributed by MGM.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: facebook.com/dthmntn
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Our album launch is on January 24 at Black Wire Records with Oslow and Burners. Then our plan is just to play shows and record our second album, in between variously working and studying full-time.
For Fans Of: Propagandhi, Van Halen, Braid, Jawbreaker, Iron Maiden, Heavy Vegetable, and Jealous Sound.

Earth Caller

Track Name: “The Faceless King”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: The song we chose is called “The Faceless King” and it’s from our upcoming album, Degenerate. This song is about how the world is really run; not by the puppet governments but by the shadowy corporations and lobby groups who are silently pulling the strings. The lyrics also touch on the fact that since we (in the western world) have been born into privilege, we have a responsibility to use our means to be the change that we would like to see.
Latest Release: Just the tracks that we’ve released from Degenerate.
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria.
Web Address: facebook.com/earthcaller
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Release, tour, write, record, repeat.
For Fans Of: Hardcore, hip hop, and metal.


Track Name: “506”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “506” is the latest song we’ve released along with a debut film clip. It’s a song that hits close to home for our vocalist Rhys, lyrically entailing his experiences with mental illness and their struggles. “506” was Rhys’s patient number.
Latest Release: Our debut EP titled Pestilence, followed by the single “506”.
Hometown: Wollongong, New South Wales.
Web Address: facebook.com/GravesOfficial
What’s the game plan for 2015?
We intend to release our first full-length album sometime in early 2015 so keep your eyes and ears peeled. That, on top of as much touring as possible in as many places as possible; after completing four national tours in 2014 we’ve already began to plan 2015.
For Fans Of: Breakdowns, The Acacia Strain, Meshuggah, Black Tongue, Villains, Barrier, and down-tempo.

Hunt the Haunted

Track Name: “Vultures”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: This is our latest release. We’ve gone through a few changes as a band and decided to go down a slightly different path, and this is the first taste of that!
Latest Release: Our latest release is our newest single “Vultures”, but before that it was our original EP, The Forsaken Spawn, both of which are available all over the internet!
Hometown: Penrith, New South Wales.
Web Address: facebook.com/HuntthehauntedAU
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Writing heaps, touring heaps and having a heaps good time doing it, heaps.
For Fans Of: Whitechapel, Upon A Burning Body, Thy Art Is Murder, Job For A Cowboy, Slayer, Darude – “Sandstorm”, drinking rivets and being heaps as.

In League

Track Name: “We Are All Believers”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Believers” explodes out of the intro track with bucket loads of energy and would have to be our favourite song to play live. We feel it flows nicely and the chorus melody is pretty goddamn catchy.
Latest Release:  Our album Sleep And You Might Miss This.
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia.
Web Address: facebook.com/inleague
What’s the game plan for 2015?
We plan to release our third full-length album as early as possible in 2015. Along with the new record, we hope to start a vigorous touring schedule where we will finally get over to the east coast of Australia. We have toured through the US, Canada and the UK along with a couple of tours through Southeast Asia, yet have never had the opportunity to explore our own country. This is unacceptable and frankly ‘poor form’ of which we plan to rectify as much as possible come 2015.
For Fans Of: Hands Like Houses, Emarosa and The Color Morale.

Ocean Grove

Track Name: “Backbone”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Although it’s short in duration, this song acts as an introduction to a new Ocean Grove, foreshadowing both musically and conceptually what is to come on our next release (which we’re currently working on). It’s our take on modern heavy music, focusing on simple yet effective guitar riffs and pertinent lyrics.
Latest Release: Our EP Outsider, released in 2013.
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria.
Web Address: facebook.com/oceangrovemelbourne
What’s the game plan for 2015?
As mentioned, we’re working hard on writing a new record as we speak, with plans for release in 2015. After months of tireless preparation, we look forward to bearing the fruits of the hard work we’ve put in backed up by a massive year of touring. On a personal note, we remain more passionate than ever about playing music and hope that 2015 offers a chance to put this passion on display to a greater, more diverse audience.
For Fans Of: The Plot In You, Marilyn Manson, My Ticket Home, Slipknot, Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin, and Guy Sebastian.

The Peep Tempel

Track Name: “Gettin’ On By”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It’s the opening track off our second album, Tales. It is overwhelmingly joyous. Two friends set out on a great adventure through the desert during a psychotic episode; lots of wonderful things happen, most of which don’t get mentioned in the three short verses that made it into the song. But you have three minutes to get a vibe on what is possibly taking place and then the rest of your life to imagine every possible conclusion.
Latest Release: Our recent LP, Tales.
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria.
Web Address: facebook.com/thepeeptempel
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Plenty of shows, back to Europe and hopefully the US. Start working on another record.
For Fans Of: Great adventure.


Track Name: “I Miss You”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: This song is about our vocalist Rob’s grandmother and the memories they shared together.
Latest Release: Our two-track release I Lost You/I Miss You came out in early 2014.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: facebook.com/perspectivesau
What’s the game plan for 2015?
The plan is to finish a full-length album and do some really cool and different tours.
For Fans Of: Unique melodic hardcore/punk with emotional value.


Track Name: “Wherever I May Walk”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Wherever I May Walk” was the last song written for our Dichotomy EP, and we challenged ourselves to write something outside of our usual formula and comfort zone with a unique atmosphere. The song and its music video (released last month) tell the story of a man looking back on his youth and wishing he could have given his younger self some direction and guidance during the hardest times.
Latest Release: Our 2013 EP, Dichotomy.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: facebook.com/PolarisAus
What’s the game plan for 2015?
We’re planning to play in as many new places as possible and take our music all around the country. We’ll be showing tastes of some brand new music very shortly, and gearing up to make a new record.
For Fans Of: Architects, August Burns Red, Being As An Ocean, and Underoath.


Track Name: “Implode”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen:
It was recorded in 2012 with five other tracks and released on a single-sided 12” record in 2013. Since then we have released a 7” EP on Urbn Rage Records and a 12”/CD called Forced To Regress on Resist Records.
Latest Release: Forced To Regress on Resist Records.
Hometown: Ocean Shores, New South Wales.
Web Address: shackles-noise.blogspot.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
You might as well ask us when we plan to die but hopefully we’ll play some shows and record more (we hope).
For Fans Of: Our influences are bands like Early Napalm Death, Infest, Crossed Out, Rupture, Suffer, Eyehategod, Noothgrush, Mind Eraser, Think I Care, Taste Of Fear, Citizens Arrest, Ripcord, Extortion and Negative Approach.


Track Name: “Enter The Void”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It’s a single off our last EP, Void, which was released in March 2013. This song is a little bit old, but we feel it’s the best track from the EP. We can’t wait to share new material shortly.
Latest Release: Our Void EP.
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales.
Web Address: facebook.com/storiesaus
What’s the game plan for 2015?
We just finished recording our debut album with Will Putney (Amity, Northlane, Thy Art Is Murder) in New Jersey.  It will be out in March via UNFD. Shortly after we will be touring around Australia with Architects in April, with plans to be touring the world throughout the year.
For Fans Of: Misery Signals, Structures and Northlane.

Storm the Sky

Track Name: “Same Graves”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Same Graves” is my depiction of what’s wrong with religion. Being a spiritual person myself I have absolutely no qualms with the ideologies of most organised religions, just the people that take it into their own hands and manipulate for power, greed and personal gain. The fact that an argument about what might exist or what happens after death causes war and the death is not only tragic irony but just blatantly pointless. The aim of the song was to create a feeling that the only way to survive is to recognise that we’re already in what could be heaven right now. We just need to make the right choices and live harmoniously. I wanted to get the point out that some people are wasting their lives fighting or worrying about what might or might not happen after they’ve already died.
Latest Release: Before “Same Graves”, we released our EP Vigilance in May 2013.
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria.
Web Address: stormthesky.com
What’s the game plan for 2015?
Earlier this year we went over to America to record our debut album Permanence with Cameron Mizell (Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens, Hands Like Houses). Permanence will be released on January 16 through UNFD worldwide and we can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working so hard on for the past year. In 2015, we plan on touring as much as we can and we’re hoping to get out to a lot of places we haven’t visited in the past. We hope you guys enjoy the record as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it!
For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens and Beartooth.

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