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Twin Atlantic: A Name You Can Trust

Scots Twin Atlantic have become a force in the UK and after three full-lengths, the time has come for Australia to catch on.

Twin Atlantic

After toiling for seven years, playing every venue throughout the United Kingdom that contains the word ‘pub’ in its title, Sam McTrusty and the rest of his Twin Atlantic bros have recently gone from being the out of focus guys, tucked away at the bottom of your favourite festival’s mammoth line-up, to a bona fide drawcard alongside some of the planet’s biggest rock acts.

“There’s definitely a sense of validation among us at the moment,” begins a very Scottish Sam McTrusty, mere minutes after he’s awoken after a show somewhere in Belgium. “This year marked the third or fourth time we’ve played festivals like Reading and Leeds, so we’re starting to feel like a real band now. We’re very proud to be a part of things at this level because it’s a real badge of honour where we’re from.”

Becoming (something of) a big deal back home is all well and good, but Twin Atlantic’s quest is only just beginning on a global level, something that McTrusty is more than aware of.

“We’ve been wanting to get back to the US and of course, get to Australia for the first time, and you know, there’s that sense of not knowing if anyone will actually rock up and the venues will be significantly smaller again,” admits the singer. “But you know what? That’s how we started out, we toured the hard way for four years in the UK so we’re used to that type of thing. We love going to places and being forced to prove ourselves and taking that long, scenic route and meeting new people along the way. We love a bit of a challenge.”

Speaking of challenging, few things have the potential to rattle an up-and-coming act like being forced to pen (what is hopefully going to be) your breakout album, post-show, night after night, in the back of your van, for the better part of 12 months. McTrusty however, chooses to focus on the positives that the potentially trying situation presented for him and his band mates.

“We’ve been on tour for so long now that picking up my guitar shortly after walking off stage was really the only option we had. After a while, it becomes habitual, so it’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m writing our new record now’,” he chuckles. “The great thing about working that way is that it made me realise what was missing from our live show. We’d finish a headline show and we’d be talking about a certain song that we wish we’d had in our set, you know, that song that takes the show to the next level. That realisation helped bring out a simpler version of our band, not that we tried to write more accessible songs or anything like that, but we started to focus on writing things that felt like they really connected, especially live.”

Quoted as saying “It’s impossible to not be influenced by 10,000 people singing a chorus back at you” Twin Atlantic have embraced their arena-sized ambitions in a guilt-free manner, with recent stints supporting 30 Seconds To Mars and Kings Of Leon serving as an introduction to the types of audiences they’d one day love to call their own.

“Our drive is coming from a genuine place, we’re experience junkies and we just want to keep taking things to the next level, or maybe we just get bored easily, I don’t know,” laughs McTrusty, only half joking. “We enjoy the notion of getting bigger and better at what we’re doing. You’re supposed to get better at something the more you do it, so we view playing to more people as a bi-product of that. The more we can connect with people the more alive we feel. None of this is driven by fame or any of that bullshit, it’s coming from an honest place.”


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