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Trivium: Push Forward

Photo by Lexi Markovic.

Florida’s finest metal exports Trivium are most commonly associated with consistency – their focus on issuing enjoyable releases combined with a kick-arse live show has landed them a loyal fanbase that sees gold in every new offering. Riding on the heels of their seventh studio album, Silence In the Snow, they’re also zooming around Australia right now on a headlining tour with Melbourne death metallers Orpheus Omega. BLUNT caught up with guitarist Corey Beaulieu to talk the new shit, the old shit and… even more new shit.

You guys have had to add another Melbourne show for your Aussie headliner because the first one sold out. Does the loyalty of fans worldwide still surprise you?
Well, you know, over the years we have built up a really good fanbase all over the world. Last time we came down to Australia we had a lot of really good shows and we always love going down there. [There are] definitely a lot of fans that come out and see us every time that we play. And there’s a lot of new fans that are able to come out and see us for the first time. Regardless of how big the venue is, we try to put on the same kind of show that we do everywhere else. When we go to Japan and Australia we can’t bring the same things we have in Europe – we can’t ship it all the way from Europe. But we definitely try to put on the biggest show we can and give everyone the experience of seeing our band in a live setting. People that have seen us before kind of know what to expect from the live show that we try to put on.

How do you feel about fans coming to shows and confronting you with those throwaways like “I prefer the old Trivium”? It’s a mediocre concept of course, to simplify everything into old and new, but those comments are thrown around quite a bit nonetheless.
Every record’s different but it’s still Trivium. We’re not a band that will just repeat the same sound every record because that’s just really boring and really stagnant sounding. Each record is to itself because we wouldn’t do the same record twice. Each record has its own sound, it’s very each to itself within the catalogue… it all depends on which kind of fan you ask. Every band you have, people are going to say that. There are people who say, “I only like the first Metallica album” when they’ve put out 12. Fans are just like that, no matter what band you ask fans about. We don’t really pay attention; we just play the music we want to play and enjoy that process.


“Every record’s different but it’s still Trivium”.


Would you credit your continued success to the constant progression of your sound?
We just want to keep pushing forward. You know, what we were doing 10 years ago, everything that we personally went through, changes. So we always wanted to push forward and see what else we were capable of doing as a band and as songwriters, you know, creativity-wise; doing something that we haven’t done. I don’t want to write the same song over and over again, I want to write something fresh that keeps it exciting.

Well you guys do a damn good job of that. Touching on your interaction with fans in the scene, Disturbed’s Dave Draiman told someone off quite recently for using their phone at a show and it was well-publicised. Do things like fans using their phones bother you at all to the extent that you would call someone out on it?
You know, fans paid to be there and so if they need to use their phones they can use their phones. Ever since we started touring, cell phones have been such a main thing in our culture. I’d see people in the front row texting, but you don’t know what they’re texting about or if it’s important, and they could just be writing the setlist down. But the fact that they’re there means something, you know? I don’t talk on the microphone so I wouldn’t ever do that but everyone’s different the way they react to certain situations. The fact that people are there means something to the band and there’s one person on a phone but hundreds of thousands of people there, rocking out and having fun. So you kind of keep playing and keep enjoying the moment that you have with your fans that are there watching. I’ve been at concerts where I’ve looked at my phone for some reason and it’s not because I’m not enjoying the show. There’s always an email or some shit, there’s always something going on with your phone that it’s a common occurrence nowadays.

Absolutely. To wrap up, your last two albums have been separated by a two-year interval. Having dropped your seventh LP last year, are you looking towards a new release in 2017?
We try to plan ahead as much as we can and we’re touring for the rest of the year [but] we have talked about doing a record next year. It all depends on, you can kind of plan that far ahead, but you never know when an opportunity that you can’t turn down comes about. I have a feeling at some point next year we’ll have a new record coming out because we’ve definitely been planning on it and working on new music and concepts for the record and planning all the schedule details – what we want to do, who we want to work with, stuff like that. [When] planning a record we kind of plan as far ahead as we can. We’re usually pretty quick when it comes down to knocking out a record. We’re usually pretty prepared so it doesn’t take too long. So we’re definitely looking forward to kicking out some new music at some point, hopefully we’ll have some downtime later this year and we’ll be able to set in motion the next step of the process.

Trivium / Orpheus Omega
Tour Dates

Sunday April 10th – Metropolis, Fremantle (18+)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Monday April 11th – HQ, Adelaide (18+)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Tuesday April 12th – 170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Wednesday April 13th – 170 Russell, Melbourne (18+) – SOLD OUT

Friday April 15th – Max Watts, Brisbane (18+)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Saturday April 16th – UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney (AA)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

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