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Tour Diary: WAAX Launch A Single With Cats, Ravioli Nachos And Sleep Deprivation


If you haven’t already found yourself a seat on the speed-defying WAAX hype train, you, our dear reader, are missing the fuck out. Native to the scalding hot concrete paradise that is Brisvegas, the vibe-punk fivesome are set to find their way in your ‘most spun’ playlist sooner or later, an up-and-coming force of unstoppable energy.

Their latest single – premiered via one of the many other perfect mags in the Nextmedia family, Yen – is “This Everything”. At its core, it’s two-and-a-half minutes of sheer fucking gold that basically just forces your mouse to the ‘repeat’ button time and time again. It’s loud and unforgiving, but the first taste of WAAX’s forthcoming second EP is equally dynamic. Grinding introspection against angst, frontwoman Marie DeVita grazes the band’s personal side in her lyricism, gracefully reeling listeners in with lowkey verses before drop-kicking them into the deep end with a rollercoaster chorus.

Of course, no top-tier single is complete without the top-tier single tour to match. WAAX took “This Everything” on a brief trip around the country in September, swinging past the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane, A Day On The Grid in Melbourne and Waywards in Sydney. The band cemented their journey in photo form – mostly, choice shots of them crushin’ it onstage, looking all kinds of sleep deprived, and wreaking havoc in ways only a punk band from Queensland can. Because they’re just absolute legends, they’re letting us beam that journey directly into your soul. Enjoy, fam.


Photo by Allan Klimo

Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley: We couldn’t ask for a better show to start the tour. It was humbling and surreal to see so many people turn out and sing words to songs that were written in a bedroom a hundred meters down the street.

Girls to the front!


Brisbane Airport: The day after our show, we’re still reeling from what was a monumental night. We find ourselves in Brisbane Airport waiting to board our flight, struggling to decide what we needed most – alcohol or coffee.


Somewhere over VIC: Wings – “Band On The Run”.


Melbourne Airport: We finally land in Melbourne, only to bump into the legends in The Sinking Teeth (a.k.a. The Stinking Queefs). But seriously, we are stoked to have exchanged hometown shows and a Milton Mango or two.


Melbourne Airport: This is Maz. Maz has many skills. One of them is advanced gear minding while the boys smash darts.


Fitzroy Social, Melbourne: Tom and Maz being a couple of Fitzroy Socialites. Protip – eat at the Fitzroy Social, the food is incredible.


Melbourne: As a band, we pride ourselves on quality hangs. As you can see in this photo, this moment was no different as we arrived at our mate Margie’s palatial estate.


Melbourne: White Picket Fence Syndrome – a state of mind where a person blindly holds onto the idea of their perfect lifestyle, regardless of the inevitable life factors that make it impossible for that to come true.


Melbourne: Maz and Margie’s cat having a moment.


Photo via The AU Review

The John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne: A Day On The Grid – We had a super fun good time in Melbourne! The Sinking Teeth ruled, Neighbourhood Youth ruled, From Oslo ruled! Here’s Maz having a tantrum.


Newstead, Brisbane: We’re back home, it’s Thursday night, and Tom, Ewan and Griff sneak in a cheeky dart moments before we head off for an all-nighter to the beloved Kempsey Rose Inn so we can make it to Sydney in time for mad hangs with triple j and FBi Radio the next day.


Somewhere in NSW: Halfway there and the middle seat was starting to be rather unkind to Maz’s butt. Also, the car smelt like a diaper.


Kempsey Rose Inn, Kempsey: Five hours of driving straight, and we finally made it to our beloved Kempsey Rose Inn. Unfortunately, the stay was brief – we literally paid the hotel to lay down for a few hours before we headed back out on the road.


Kempsey Rose Inn, Kempsey: We’re impressed by Tom’s obvious enthusiasm for late-night driving and lack of sleep.


Kempsey: Kempsey sunrise. Ain’t she beautiful? Despite our short stay, that was a damn pretty sky.


Sydney: Arriving in a fine city. We come for the gigs, but we stay for the cigs.


D’Munchies, Newtown: Two words best describe Maz – tired and hungry. Thank fuck for D’Munchies in Newtown. Finally, a place where we belong. Today’s special – Pumpkin Ravioli Nachos.


Sydney: Straight into interviews! Caught up with the legends at triple j for a sweet chat about some of our favourite Unearthed artists. Not pictured – Griff and his immense baritone radio voice.


Sydney: Next stop, FBi Radio to do a sing and a yarn with Sweetie and Al. We are proud to have not passed out at this point.


Photo by Beef Jackson

Waywards, Newtown: We mustered the energy to do a rock show at midnight, but the trek was well worth it. Good to hang with our interstate mates. It was roughly at this point that Maz threw a beer in her hair. The crowd was loose.


Somewhere in NSW: “Look at me, I’m the captain now!” Tom letting us know its time to head home.


Somewhere in NSW: Rest stop. Cabin fever setting in. The last thing we wanted to do at this point was sit in a Rav4 that smelt like burnt hair in a diaper.


Somewhere in NSW: We had a wiener drawing competition. Maz won for her fantastic Florida costume. A+


NSW: And like that, tour was over. And, as per usual, Maz is tired and hungry. We’re finally home bound – consider this single toured.

“This Everything” is a fucking ~banger~ and you should buy it on iTunes or stream on Spotify now!

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